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Do you need power transformer equipment or parts?
If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Or maybe you have power transformer equipment that you’d like to sell. Whether due to changes in your system, obsolescence or redundancy, Power Asset Recovery Corporation will buy your used or surplus power transformers, parts and components.

Here’s just an example of what we buy/sell and services we offer:

  • Used / Rebuilt / New Surplus Transformers up to 950,000 KVA
  • New Custom Manufactured Transformers up to 200,000 KVA
  • New and Used Transformer Spare Parts and Substation Components
  • Decommission and Scrap Services for Distribution and Power Transformers
  • Field Service for Power Transformers
  • Redesign / Rewind of Power Transformers up through 230 kV

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Contact us if you have a need for power equipment and would consider buying a used, well maintained unit to save time, money or both.